What a great feeling to see your CD in your hometown record store. I just walked into Zia's and bought our own record... Angel Black's Killing Demons is doing very well in sales and reviews. A special thanks to Roberto and the entire staff at Rockshot's Records in Italy. Only the guys in the band know the struggles and the barriers we overcame to find a label like Rockshots. We're going to find a way to get this band out on the road, it ain't easy but nothing worth the damn never is....



Another great Review from Giovanni at Hard Rock Heavy Metal... Thank you!



The Sentinel Daily chimes in about Angel Black!


Metal Temple sounds in!


KNAC gives Angel Black 4 out 5 Stars! Thank you KNAC. 

Metal Forever with a nice paragraph about Angel Black. We thank you. 

Metal forever opinion: 

It took six years of life for the Scottsdale Quartet, Arizona - Angel Black to release its debut album "killing demons". 

The album brings a very good aura, able to shake even the biggest fanatic for depressed rock. 

The band demonstrates to have a lot of skill with what it does and also worry about the minutiae of each track 

The sound is the purest heavy metal, being the influence of Judas priest the most perceived. There's even a cover for the metal Gods track. 

Another cool thing about this job is that the band can be current and at the same time carry the nostalgia of past decades 

A highly recommended album... 

Metal Forever

Our Friends at "The Dirty Room" in Las Cruces NM talk about Phoenix Metal and Review Angel Black!

ANGEL BLACK – Killing Demons (Rockshots Records) 
For decades Phoenix, Arizona has been a hot bed for some of the best metal on the planet. Going back to the 80’s with bands like Flotsam & Jetsam, Sacred Reich, Icon, St. Madness and of course Tucson metal heavy weights like Atrophy and Dover Trench and of course all the other legends that took up residence in the Valley of the sun like Alice Cooper, Rob Halford among others. I spent 20 years in AZ, most of that time in Phoenix from the late 80’s on and was able to see so many awesome bands. Angel Black picks up the desert torch of great metal and forges forward with their debut Killing Demons. These guys have an awesome straight forward all out-metal sound that reaches into the classic metal bag with sounds of Black Sabbath, ManoWar, and Judas Priest. The album is full of heavy and chunky riffs with a mix of technical and classic leads. The drums and bass pound relentlessly with power and aggression. John Cason’s vocals are awesome. He has range and depth for days. Cason can hit some amazing highs while keeping a mean and heavy growl. From the opening fast and heavy guitar riff on “Strikeforce” and all through the album every song hit’s hard and is full of melodic and hard sounds. The title track “Killing Demons” is one of my favorite tracks, Cason channels his early Geoff Tate and the guitar solo is amazing. They do a great cover of Judas Priest “Metal Gods” as well. Killing Demons is 100% awesome and true heavy metal. This is a must have for everyone. Mark your calendars for March 22nd and get this album. All you Arizona metal heads call the local record store chain Zia (damn I miss that store) and demand they carry Angel Black.






Quick question for all of our fans out there. 
Would you be more interested in participating with a Pre-Sales promotion with Angel Black Directly? 

Or would you feel more comfortable dealing with a Pledge Music directly? 

It's no secret that artists have not been getting paid in a timely manner if at all from Pledge Music. 

We have some very dear thing to us that we want to make available to you the fans. Some of these items will never be printed again. When they're gone they're gone. 

We want to use this money to get over to Europe to play some shows this summer. 

We can't do it without you the fans. Were a United States Band, promotor's in Europe do not want to take chances with bands they don't know yet. 

We'd like to know how you feel? before we make a commitment and a big risk!...

Please respond to our Facebook page with your thoughts.


Thank you for your support. Angel Black




From RockShot Records:

For fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio, Accept

Rockshots Records: ANGEL BLACK Posts New Music Video "Black Heart"

Debut Album "Killing Demons" Out March 22nd

Rising out of Phoenix, Arizona, ANGEL BLACK will be releasing their debut record "Killing Demons" via Rockshots Records. As the band blasts into their first single "Black Heart", one thing is clear, nothing is subtle about ANGEL BLACK. 
Big sound and melody set the mood for this classic heavy metal band. ANGEL BLACK doesn't look to re-invent heavy metal, they clearly go after their fans with an aggressive assault for the ages.

Watch their debut music video "Black Heart" at the following link: https://youtu.be/5sVU4QIdXgs

The band comments on the upcoming debut:

"The concept of Killing Demons is that everyone has some kind of demon. Money, Drugs, Sex, Power. They can all be a demon if you let them. We feel we touched on a lot of them with the songs on the album. 
Strikeforce, touches on the armed forces that keep us a free world. Cyber Spy, talks about how much we let government into our private lives. Black Heart, is about those evil women that take you down. 
We play honest pure heavy metal from the heart and we think that Angel Black will be well received as a band that gives the fans what they expect. Music that you turn up loud and play over and over again."

"Killing Demons" will be released on March 22, 2019. Album pre-order available on Rockshots Records here http://bit.ly/KillingDemons_PREORDER

Track Listing:
1. Strikeforce (5:44)
2. Cyber Spy (4:40)
3. Death Mill (7:41)
4. Black Heart (4:19)
5. Killing Demons (4:56)
6. The Dream That Stood Alone (5:16)
7. Killing Me (3:43)
8. Metal Gods (Judas Priest Cover) (4:50)
Album Length: 41:12


Angel Black was formed in 2013. The band got together with one thing in mind, to write powerful riffs with a classic metal feel. The band's influences are steeped with the legends of heavy metal. From the opening riff of "Cyber Spy", the first song the band wrote together. One thing was certain you don’t hear this type of metal, played with conviction, precision, and fire often.

Angel Black plays from the heart, forging their own brand of Heavy Metal. No Gimmicks, No Fads and No Fear of what they face in the ever-changing music industry. Their debut record is titled Angel Black "Killing Demons". The title is fitting to all, we’re all fight something every day of our life.

The record was "Mastered" by well known Mastering Wiz, Nathan James at Vault Mastering. Nathan has Mastered many of the “hits” you hear every day on the radio. Nathan is well known and respected from his days as a mastering engineer at the World Famous Hit Factory in NYC.

The band has also written and recorded the song "Killing Me". The song has been submitted to an upcoming movie under the guidance of the "legendary" Guitarist Freddie Salem, a one-time member of what was known as the Guitar Army, “The Outlaw's”.

John Cason (Vocals)
Mike Jelinek (Guitars)
Carl Strohmyer (Bass)
Daniel Beck (Drums)

For More Info:






 I want to give a special thanks to the owner Will of K-Loud Guitars based in Chandler Arizona. I happened to stumble into Guitar Center one day and I was introduced to Will. Will has become like family to Angel Black, his work speak's for itself. I can tell you this if you want a custom guitar built, or your Les Paul needs frets Will is the guy. Will has his own shop now. If you want Will to do some work for you,  check out Will at K-Loud Guitars Chandler Arizona directly on Instagram.



Finally January 22nd it will be announced who has taken a leap of faith with us our label. We will also share who we've decided to go into a partnership with.

The record comes out the end of March. We have some goodies that we are going to offer here on facebook and our website. The official pre-sale items will be at Pledge Music.

As for what we're going to offer here we have roughly 50 CD's that will never be reproduced again. If you decide you want one, contact us here. Don't email, just put your name in the comments. They will all be signed by the band. They will include an 8 x10 picture (official glossy) and Bio. Everything we sent the labels you can have. This will become a first come first serve item. If we sell them all before Pledge Music starts, oh well. We hope this will really show the fan's what we go through to just get noticed. These are part of the CD's that secured us a record deal. When these are gone they will be gone forever. More details will follow up to the 22nd of January.

In closing, we want to say thank you to everyone that believed in Angel Black. I would like to thank a couple of folks that I started to put a band together here when I came back from Florida. We want to make this a lot of fun for all.

Thank you each and every one of you- Angel Black



What a day, night, day night.. Our practice room was flooded yesterday. We were assured it was nothing bad, much worse than we thought. But as I like to believe, it could have been much worse. So I left for work at 7:00 AM and I just walked through the door at 12:10 Friday night. My body is beat but we have another room and a lot of gear to clean and hopefully, everything still works.


Angel Black is pleased to announce that have agreed to a recording contract with a record label in Europe. The formal announcement will be delivered by the label sometime in November. After a lot of back and forth with the label and the band, we finally came to an agreement.

The record will be released worldwide in January or February of 2019. We feel that we are in the right hands to be very important to this label and not shelved or sidetracked. They believe you promote a new record for a year, not a week or two. Which in the end was a big selling point to Angel Black.

As for touring, we want to get out there and tour as much as possible. But everyone knows today it's hell for a new band to break. If it makes sense and we have a record that is making noise we will go out on the road. We're taking every step to do that. We will have a full time publicist and marketing firm that has been hired to get Angel Black noticed and played in all formats.

We will be doing a pre-sale offering through Pledge Music. There will be some unique and collector's items available. We have plans to announce something very special for you "the fans" that help band after band keeps them living there dreams. Stay tuned here on facebook and our website for details www.angelblackworldwide.com

In closing, there are many people that helped this dream become reality.

Huge thanks to Brandon at the Library Studios. Brandon went far beyond the call of duty to always help Angel Black. Josh at SER Rehearsal and Recording Studios. If it wasn't for SER, we would have never finished writing the songs. (We had nowhere to practice after a fire at our rehearsal shed closed the business down). Nathan at Vault Mastering, you really are a pro, we were so lucky to find you. A big thank you to you three.



Angel Black has a big announcement coming in October. We have worked since 2013 to reach this point. it hasn't been easy it hasn't always been fun. We're going to look straight ahead of the road in front of us. We know this step we're about to take will get us much further along in our musical journey. We will have more news coming soon!



Just announced: Saturday August 4th 2017 Tempe Tavern-Tempe AZ W/Kill Command. More details will be coming soon!



We just posted our online music player for the website. It doesn't matter what page your on, scroll down to the bottom of any page and listen to Angel Black. We posted Strikeforce, Cyberspy and a brand new one we really think you'll like. It's called "The Dream That Stood Alone". Were in the middle of shopping the band to major record labels worldwide. Were also looking to start booking more gig's. we haven't been playing enough live shows, that will change with signing with a label. Angel Black will go anywhere there's metal fans. Were looking to go around the world as many times as we can. On a final note we had a problem with Reverbnation over billing our credit cards. We won't tolerate that BS, We are no longer associated with Reverbnation. For right now you can listen to some Angel Black music right here. Look for us to move the video to Black Heart over to the website very soon. 

We'd like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe 4th of July..


Angel Black will be playing our first live show Saturday May 26th at Chopper John's in Phoenix Arizona. We be providing support for Maiden AZ one of the very best tribute acts in the valley. Click the link for details about the show. All in a Rowe Productions



Angel Black is set to release our first video off our debut CD Killing Demons, Sunday April 1st.

The video for the song BlackHeart will be posted here on facebook and on our website this coming Sunday. https://angelblackworldwide.com/
This is fully mixed and mastered song and ready for the world to hear....

We will be offering a Pledge Music Campaign in the near future. 
Angel Black is going to do pre-order offer for CD's and band merch, along with a couple of one off items. Stay tuned for details!



Good News.... Yesterday we received the final Master from Vault Mastering. Now we're full speed ahead!

We are in the process of shopping for the right record label for us!

As Angel Black begin's that very critical process, were going to give the fan's of the band a taste of the finished product. Were going to produce a "Sampler" for everyone to hear.

Expect to hear all of the songs on the record. We will have a 20 to 30 second snippet from each song. We're also putting together pictures from the video, in the Sampler.

AB, is in the process of shooting 2 more videos for release with the debut CD Killing Demons.

We have been getting constant requests to release the video for the song BlackHeart. At this point we have to do what is best for the band. If we get a green light from our legal team, we will release the video. Angel Black, would release it today if it was solely up to us.



It's been a day since the news came down of Glenn Tipton battling Parkinson's disease, for the last 10 years. Glenn did as much as any guitar player to keep me pushing to get better, every day.

I looked up to him in a big way and I have to say I'm stunned by the news. It's no secret that Angel Black although a one guitar band, Priest has always been a bright shining beacon of light to follow, for the kind of music that we write.

Angel Black, would like to send all the healing power it could ask for and best wishes to Glenn. We know there's no cure for Parkinson's as there is no cure for many diseases that keep taking our friends and family members.

In closing, I sure hope the funding that is donated to finding a cure for these horrible diseases, is finding it's way to the right pocket's. That is something to truly wish for, that generation's from now, were not still losing loved ones to disease.-AB



Nathan James at Vault Mastering, is putting the final touches on our album. Nathan, worked for the World Famous "Hit Factory" for many years. He has mastered many records that you hear everyday on the radio. Nathan James is based in Chandler Arizona, but still flies to NY for session's. We feel blessed to have him on the Angel Black team!



We wanted to update our friends, were getting closer and closer to a finished CD. We've been working every free day we have.
Lead Vocalist John Cason has been tracking the last four songs over the last month. We're also putting the finishing touches on the guitars. Many thanks go out to Brandon Kruszeniak at The Library Studio's. We also want to give a shout out to Josh Rozenboom at SER Studio's. Working with top notch people really make our job much easier. Mike Jelinek -Angel Black..



Were on the home stretch! After many back and forth discussion's we are finishing a full length Angel Black record. This week we are getting the vocal's finished. Next week, lead guitar, a little of this and a little of that and we start mixing. We will be mixing with Brandon at the Library Studios. We cannot thank Brandon enough he has been the shining star on this project. We would also like to thank everyone at SER Studio's for there time and effort's, Josh is a tremendous engineer.
Finally to all of our friend's, fan's and family that have been very patient we thank everyone for hanging in there. When we started writing material for this record, we never intended doing this in a hurry. Although, that has come to screeching halt.
Release date is early 2018.



Angel Black has been selected to write and submit a song to an upcoming movie. We will enter The Library Studio's this Friday night to record one song for a movie to be released either late this year, or more likely in 2018. This is a wonderful opportunity for the band. Although nothing is ever promised in this type of setting, the band feels confident we can get the job done. After this, we will be remixing the yet to be determined E.P or Full Length Album. At the World Class Rock House Studio's in Santa Rosa California. We have a lot of change happening over the next three months. Without letting the "Cat" out of the bag, everything is changing. We have connected with some wonderfully talented people, to help take this band to the next level. A big thanks to the people who we have re-connected with recently. This really has led to some great changes. We knew all along, we couldn't have what we en-visioned "Angel Black" to be. It takes a team. Without the right people helping and pushing us in the right direction, this opportunity would have never presented itself. You know who you are!

Thank you AB



Were Back! Actually we never went away. Besides welcoming back our original Drummer "Daniel Beck". Stay tuned a lot is going to change over the next few months. So for now, we are going to remix and remaster the 4 songs that we recorded in 2015. Were going to release the E.P. in CD format, along with being released digitally worldwide.
You can still enjoy streaming our music at Soundcloud and ReverbNation. Lead Singer John Cason has been very busy writing and recording a New Exiled Record, to be released on Killer Metal Records in 2017. It's good to be back and moving forward with a solid plan for the future.

We have posted anything for awhile, do to things beyond our control. We will say this, we be back to work this month after a couple months off. The record will be complete by the end of the year. We are currently being shopped to labels overseas. We look forward to connecting with the right label for the band. Without a label in place, we want to take our time and give you the best record that we can possibly produce. Were sure that the next record will have a time table, so were taking as much time as needed with this record. We will be looking to play live dates this fall and into 2016. 

For a limited time we are posting all three songs at!
You can also go to www.reverbnation.com. Type in Angel Black and the song "Strikeforce". Help us get Strikeforce to that number one spot. Thank you so much for your support .....Angel Black

We want to say thank you, to all the people that responded to Angel Black's releasing 3 songs.... "finally" 

We wanted to let you know, you can purchase 2 Angel Black songs tonight from CD BABY.
Follow the links to download "Strikeforce" and "Cyber Spy". Both songs will be on our upcoming debut release, the album will be released in the fall of 2015. Help us get the ball rolling tonight! Your support is greatly appreciated.

We are releasing three songs online through CD Baby. The songs Cyberspy, Strikeforce and Black Heart can be purchased as singles. We decided it was time to give you the fans something to look forward to as we finish the record. So if you like one song, I think you'll  like all three. The songs will at almost every online music store ITunes, Amazon, Google Play just to name a few. Were debating putting the songs on our website or fb page. This is a huge step for the band, as we march on towards securing a major independent record deal. For more details check our facebook page. We have a photo session next week and we should resume finishing the record very soon.

Do to issues with Mastering, our first song to the public could be delayed by a couple hours to a couple of days. We hope everyone understands that making a record is forever job. We got pushed behind and it was totally out of our hands. Hang in there! I can promise you this, nobody wants these songs out more than the guys in the band. So much thanks to Brandon at the Library Studios. He has been over seeing much of what is going on.

Where are you going to be July 1st? Angel Black wants to invite you to hear "Cyber Spy". We will release the first song off our debut CD on July 1st.
Stay tuned here and on our website, for places to download our first single "Cyber Spy".... We will have much more news in the days ahead, where were at with finishing the record.
I would like to thank the Band, The Library Recording Studios and all of you on the internet and in person for being so patient. This record sounds incredible!

Happy Easter to all the "Rockers" worldwide!

We wanted to let everyone know we are removing old news from this website. We have been very active on Facebook! We're in the process of linking our website and the Facebook page together. We will be updating news here as well as on fb. Angel Black has been recording the debut record since mid January. These are different times for music, uncharted waters for many of us. The plan is to be back in the studio by the end of March to finish the debut record. Touring has changed in a big way since the Dreamzfate days. Were going to be playing live shows as soon as the record is done. Angel Black, is going to shoot a video for the song Cyber Spy. Were going to release the song and the video before the the record. Look for live shows coming in late spring and early summer. Angel Black, will play live as much as possible this year and 2016. All live dates will be posted here and Facebook. Finally we would like to thank Brandon and "The Library Studios". Brandon, has done a great job of catching the live energy of the band. Many thanks to you Brandon! The end part 2! We have a new logo! Thank you Robin Thompson....

After leaving this website dormant for to long. It is time to bring it back! We will be adding the new logo soon, we also have videos from the studio. Please be patient... Will have it right in no time! MJ