Angel Black was formed in 2013 in Scottsdale Arizona. The band got together with one thing in mind, to write powerful riffs with a classic metal feel. The band's influences are steeped with the legends of heavy metal. From the opening riff of "Cyber Spy" the first song, the band wrote together. One thing was certain you don’t hear this type of metal, played with Conviction, Precision, and Fire often.  

Angel Black plays from the heart, forging their own brand of Heavy Metal. No Gimmicks, No Fads, and No Fear of what they face in the ever-changing music industry.  

The band released there debut record “Killing Demons” worldwide in March 2019 on Rockshots Records out of Turin Italy. The CD is available at record stores and all online music outlets.  

The band quickly picked up positive reviews from the world-famous of KNAC Radio out of LA, CA. ANGEL BLACK and their debut album were both a breath of fresh air for me. In an era of homogenized sound and every song streamlined to sound the same, Killing Demons impressed me with dynamics, heavy riffs, and soaring vocals. (KNAC March 2019) This is metal, nothing more, nothing less, and within its parameters Killing Demons is a bloody brilliant exposition of the genre. (Sentinel Daily) Australia.  

“Black Heart” is a real kick in the gut and reminds us of what missing in today’s modern metal scene. I think it should be a classic metal album. Angel Black, are here, and stay they shall! (CGCM-Radio Canada) Angel Black ended the year by being ranked in the top 100 albums 2019 by Metal Mayhem 90.9 FM Alberta Canada.  

Angel Black has released two videos to date "Black Heart" and "Cyber Spy". We have one more video for "Strikeforce" that will be released later this Summer.

Angel Black was poised to tour in 2019. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, those plans have been put on hold for all of us in the entertainment business. 

Although we have put the touring on hold for now, it hasn't slowed us down. We have plenty of new material for our next record. We will see what happens we could find ourselves on tour or in the studio. No matter what Angel Black will be ready.

Angel Black is: John Cason - Vocals, Mike Jelinek - Guitars, Aaron “Udo” Peltz - Bass, Mike "Mig" Gallardo -Drums